‘Get Ahead’ English Tuition Programme!

‘Get Ahead’ English Tuition Programme!

‘He’s half-way through his book already. He’s really into it. Your help is working already!’ This was the message I received from a parent after just one lesson.

The ‘Get Ahead’ programme helps your child make progress…fast! Perfect for years 7-9 with weekly or bi-weekly one-to-one English tuition sessions.

Let your child discover fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama…all within a term!

The programme ensures an immediate boost in confidence through the improvement of writing and reading skills. At the same time, students experience a variety of different texts which stand them in good stead for the demands of GCSE English Language and Literature.

I have been amazed at the response to the programme. Students enjoy choosing texts they want to study and willingly invest their time. With the home study follow-up tasks, parents report back that their child is delighted with their improvement leading to better grades and ‘moving up’ a class level.

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