No need to be bored in the school summer holidays. Make the most of any opportunities to break out of your routine and do something different. These Summer Writing Tasks are intended to give you some time to reflect on your writing and, at the same time, prepare you for the GCSE Paper 1 Creative Writing Task.




Over the next few weeks you will most likely go somewhere new or visit someone. Your task is to write about visiting a new place. The focus should be on the place and using personification to describe it.



Over the holidays you will be celebrating something, whether it’s a birthday, first day of a holiday, a party, getting together with friends, a picnic or family reunion. Your task is to describe any event you go to.



You will be travelling somewhere…even if it’s just to Altrincham on the bus! Your task is to describe a journey. It could be walking somewhere, a plane/car/train/tram journey or even a bike ride. Try to engage your reader by sharing with them the excitement of your journey.




Choose a café to visit: it can be on holiday or just somewhere local. Order a drink and sit down in a place where you can observe other customers. As you sit there, let the different people suggest themselves to you. Some will interest you, others will not.

Write a story about one of the people you see in the café.

There will inevitably be some description here. Don’t go for the really obvious: sometimes it’s the small details about a person which are all revealing.




Try and read at least one fiction text and another non-fiction.