A response to the M and S ‘Must- have’ advert from Mustard Tree

A response to the M and S ‘Must- have’ advert from Mustard Tree

This week the creative writing group expressed their thoughts in response to the ‘M and S’ Christmas advert. The overall opinion of students was that for many people Christmas is a lonely time and very depressing. All the ads say you ‘must have’ a partner, rosy faced children and be happy. The reality for most people is very different.

Here’s what some of the students thought…


Christmas in the cold.

Leftover food.

Old, torn clothes.

On the streets.

No shower.

Hoping someone will share.

No wine.

None to share happiness.

Stuck in a place covered with an old blanket

And wondering:

‘When is my Real Merry Christmas?’

By Ayby


You don’t have to be happy all the time.

You don’t have to spend time with family and friends…

because it’s okay not to feel happy sometimes.

It’s okay not to want to spend time with your family and friends if you’re not feeling happy for your own personal reasons.

You can still have a nice Christmas, 

despite not having everything or feeling gleefully happy.

There is always somebody to listen and help at Mustard Tree.

Enjoy your Christmas…no matter where you are.

by J.L.

Creative writing is one of the cornerstones of Just English Tuition. Over the last twelve months I have been delighted to be a part of the creative programme within the charity Mustard Tree, Manchester. The creative writing workshops have been exciting to run culminating in showcases of work. If you’d like to help, please contact Mustard Tree.


Mustard Tree supports those facing poverty and homelessness.

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